MURRIETA, Calif. — Sekurus, the manufacturer of ON TIME, recently announced the introduction of iLocate, which offers benefits for both dealers and vehicle owners. 

According to officials, the new device enables the dealers and owners of both new and pre-owned cars to wirelessly track and ultimately control their vehicles from anywhere in the world, using secure Internet and interactive voice response applications.  

Once installed in a vehicle, an owner can track her car, no matter who the driver is or where the final destination might be, the company highlighted.

In addition to a detailed location, the iLocate Web site,, can provide logged-in users more information, including the speed the car is traveling, a history page with previous locations and a printable map with zoom capabilities. 

The digital wireless capabilities of iLocate can allow users to remotely start or disable a turned off vehicle in less than 20 seconds, as well as lock and unlock the doors and windows. 

Even without Internet access, these decisions can be made through the simple use of text features on an owner's cell phone, the company pointed out. Additionally, customers can sign up to receive alerts by cell phone text and e-mail, if the driver of their vehicle exceeds a pre-set speed limit or drives into unapproved territory.

"Besides providing dealers and customers with the surest way to guard against theft, iLocate also delivers the best peace of mind when you have loaned your car to a family member or friend," explained Mike Simon, president of Sekurus. 

"Whether it is a new teenage driver or elderly family member behind the wheel, you can seamlessly track where they are and how safely they are driving. For far too long, car owners have had to relinquish all control every time their vehicle left the driveway," he concluded.

In an effort to deliver greater consumer choice and flexibility, iLocate also provides three different price plans that offer pay-as-you-go options for each individual user.

For slightly increased activation fees, customers can choose which plan best suits their needs for any given time period.

Moreover, the Sekurus said every iLocate customer is given complimentary access to its iConnect concierge service. By calling a toll-free number, customers are directly connected to a 24-hour operator who can fulfill a variety of requests and inquiries, ranging from driving directions and weather reports to restaurant recommendations and reservations. 

Since the customer's cell phone is kept on file, each iConnect call is customized to that individual's ongoing needs and a wide array of information and answers can also be text messaged directly to the user from the operator, officials highlighted.

For more information, visit, or contact the company's sales department at (951) 834-9400.