MURRIETA, Calif. — Sekurus, the manufacturer of ON TIME, the patented starter interrupt system that ensures timely collection of customer car payments, recently announced the introduction of ON TIME FLEX XL, which is an upgraded version of its popular ON TIME FLEX payment system.

By combining the latest in GPS technology with the ability to wirelessly change customer ON TIME payment schedules, ON TIME FLEX XL enables financial institutions and car dealerships to instantaneously locate assets when a grace period has ended or an emergency code has been used, officials indicated.

"ON TIME FLEX software has been so well-received that we immediately began embarking on new ways to broaden its range of offerings," said Mike Simon, founder of Sekurus.

"ON TIME FLEX XL successfully leverages GPS technology to further empower the user and offers even greater protection during a payment schedule. By being able to immediately locate assets throughout the process, ON TIME FLEX XL provides financial institutions and dealers with the opportunity to offer an even greater choice of higher end vehicles to credit-challenged customers," he continued.

As with the original software, ON TIME FLEX XL is able to wirelessly generate new payment terms and further streamline the overall payment experience for finance institutions, dealerships and credit-challenged customers. 

As an added benefit, ON TIME FLEX XL removes the need for customer participation in this process, officials highlighted. Changing codes and the details of an ON TIME payment schedule can now be completely done by the dealership, providing greater centralized control and also offering more convenience for a customer who does not want to participate in updating payment details by using the ON TIME keypad, they concluded.

ON TIME FLEX XL is currently available throughout North America and is compatible with each version of the ON TIME system.

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