HANOVER, Md. —  The newly launched Payment Assurance Technology Association recently held its organizational meeting, as representatives of 11 starter/interrupt/GPS tracking system companies gathered with various officials.

According to the organization, the vote to form PATA was passed unanimously. The association's interim board of directors is composed of representatives of the 11 companies that attended the meeting.

PATA's founding companies are C3 Location Systems, CalAmp (Aercept), CAR Financial Services and ACC Consumer Finance, iMETRIK, MKL & Associates, Passtime, Procon, Sekurus ON TIME, The Shield Group, Telit Americas and Western Funding.

Officials noted that PATA's bylaws will be established at its next meeting, which will be held at the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association Convention and Expo from June 24-28 in Dallas.

After its bylaws are passed, the organization can expand its membership, plan its programs, establish a budget and form a permanent board of directors, officials noted.

During its organizational meeting, PATA indicated that it "intends to pursue the establishment of industry standards, market studies and user and public education."