Chernek Consulting will conduct a one-and-a-half-day workshop titled, “Auto Dealer Subprime Sales Success,” that will feature presentations by Dealertrack Technologies, Automotive Dealership Institute (ADI), Equifax and more.

The training session is scheduled to begin on April 7 at the Marriott Hotel Perimeter Center in Atlanta.

According to Rebecca Chernek, president of Chernek Consulting, “The Corporation for Enterprise Development reported in January that the majority, or 56 percent, of consumers have subprime credit scores. This workshop is designed to help dealers navigate the growing subprime market to boost profits, build customer loyalty and limit their liability.”

Dealertrack Technologies senior director of market performance Jason Barrie — who also delivered one of the keynote sessions during the SubPrime Forum last fall at Used Car Week — will be on hand for Chernek’s event to deliver a unique perspective on how the subprime market has helped to fuel the industry’s recent success.

Barrie will discuss trends seen in both used-vehicle and subprime financing, share insights into how the in-store to online financing process has begun to transform the way consumers conduct their vehicle purchase and also review what’s in store for 2015.

Arzu Algan, chief financial officer and dean of education at ADI, will present five principles for success in “How to Establish a Successful Special Finance Department.”

Brandon Hardison, president of Champion Strategies will discuss how maintaining a certified used-vehicle inventory helps obtain bank approval in “Used Car Certification Requirements and the Subprime Market.”

In “Meeting Subprime Customers at the Door,” Chernek will provide techniques to guide dealership personnel in working with subprime customers — from landing them on the right car the first time out using credit interview techniques, to identifying and responding to credit flags and ensuring consistently seamless TOs.

“The process is designed to not only put customers at ease and limit errors,” Chernek said, “but also reduce the time the customer is in the dealership.”

Chernek also will discuss ways to develop better subprime bank relationships.

 In “How to Read an Automotive Consumer’s Credit Report,” Jenn Reid, senior director of auto product marketing at Equifax, will explain what managers can learn about customers from their consumer report. Reid will discuss how to interpret the information in the file and why it’s important to move past the score to understand what the customer has to offer.

Rodney O’Rourke, director of agent development on the East Coast for LoJack, will discuss the history of LoJack, how to maximize finance compnay advances through valuable product offerings, identity theft policy and procedures and industry trends.

Kyle Walker, content product manager for Complí, will present “CFPB Enforcement — What your Dealership Needs to Know,” which will include instructions for establishing a dealership CMS.

Gregory Johnson with G Johnson Law will address the subprime compliance landscape in “Subprime F&I Compliance Issues under the TILA, ECOA, FCRA, UDTPA and CFA (Spot Deliveries, Acquisition Fees, Deferred Down Payments and More).”

To register for the workshop, call Chernek at (404) 276-4026 or go to