TFS gives Kaizen Award to Millennium Capital and Recovery

HUDSON, Ohio - 

One forwarding company evidently is performing “The Toyota Way.”

Millennium Capital and Recovery Corp. closed 2017 with a bang by earning the prestigious Kaizen Award from Toyota Financial Services (TFS).

The Hudson, Ohio-based firm was recognized for its continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence in the recovery and skip-tracing spaces.

The award was presented at Toyota Financial Services’ 2017 Supplier Summit at Toyota’s new 2.1 million square-foot North American headquarters in Plano, Texas, on Nov. 27.

In the remarks leading up to the announcement about Millennium, James Kimmons, supplier relationship manager, and Leonieze Brewer, supplier relationship senior analyst, both for Toyota Financial Services noted several key points of distinction for Millennium Capital and Recovery, including:

• Millennium’s constant pursuit of improvement, and never being complacent

• Millennium’s leadership in bringing new ideas forward ahead of the industry, including Millennium’s forward-thinking ComplianceFIRST no-fee-to-consumer model

• Millennium’s revolutionary revamping of the redemptions process with focus on consumer satisfaction

• Millennium’s dedication to real-time dashboards and analytics

“We are very honored to receive the prestigious Kaizen Award from Toyota Financial Services. Toyota’s recognition of our commitment to continuous improvement means so much to everyone at Millennium,” said Jayne Bronchetti, president of Millennium Capital and Recovery.

“It is a privilege to be a partner with such an outstanding organization as Toyota Financial Services,” Bronchetti added.

Kaizen is the concept of “continuous improvement” with a focus on improving all functions and involving all processes and employees from the assembly line workers to the chief executive officer.

Toyota is famous for adopting and perfecting kaizen. Known as “The Toyota Way,” it is a system designed to provide the tools for people to continually improve their work, consisting of two core principles: continuous improvement and respect for people.