Total Dealer Compliance rolls out virtual training solution

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Dealership compliance auditing firm Total Dealer Compliance (TDC) recently launched its virtual training platform: a solution aimed at helping stores mitigate risk faced by proactive regulators to create a culture of compliance at a fraction of the cost.

TDC claims to be charging roughly 80 percent less than its competitors for these virtual compliance training modules to enable dealers to be fully compliant with federal regulations across their sales, BDC, F&I, fixed ops, HR and IT departments. 

TDC president Max Zanan explained this virtual compliance program comes at an impactful time for dealerships looking to strengthen their reputation and incorporate a culture of compliance without breaking the bank. Zanan said compliance is essential in today’s dealership environment as the count grows to 17,540 franchised dealerships and independent stores composing a level triple that number.

“With both the FTC and OSHA increasing fines for compliance violations, the cost for non-compliant car dealers average $792,000 loss per year in profit,” Zanan said. “Car dealers should proactively seek a solution that provides peace of mind and promises defensible proof of compliance to both auditors and executives.”

TDC’s virtual compliance training is readily available to all dealerships and includes the following:

• Comprehensive online training modules for each department and employee of the dealership

• Cloud-based e-learning platform with analytic reporting

• End of course assessment and certification

TDC’s virtual compliance training costs are based on user/employee headcount:

• Up to 25 employees: $699 annually

• Up to 50 employees: $1,299 annually

• Up to 100 employees: $2,499 annually

“As the nation’s leader in auto dealer compliance solutions and services, we are so proud to finally be able to provide this robust compliance training online and at a much lower price point than our competitors,” Zanan said. 

“Compliance is essential to today’s dealership environment,” he continued. “With our courses updated throughout the year and both affordable and easily accessible, we are excited to help car dealers safeguard their business, mitigate risks and increase their profits.”

More details can be found by visiting or calling (888) 243-5204.