offers new certification program for VSC professionals

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LOS ANGELES -, a national provider of training and certification programs for sales and customer service reps in various consumer-centric industries, recently announced its Certified Vehicle Protection Professional (CVPP) certification program. established the CVPP program via the Academy of Certified Vehicle Protection Professionals (ACVPP) to recognize individuals who demonstrate the requisite knowledge required to responsibly and effectively market vehicle service contracts (VSCs) to consumers. has also produced and launched a branded version of the CVPP certification program for the vehicle service contract industry trade association Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) and its member companies. president Laurence Larose emphasized training and certification constitute a standardized method for evaluating employee knowledge and providing measurable results that can be tied to development plans and business objectives. currently serves the consumer debt relief industry (International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators), the vehicle service contract industry (ACVPP and Vehicle Protection Association) and the student loan consolidation industry (Association for Student Loan Relief).

Larose contends impact on the success of an industry and its organizations is significant, bringing each industry's sales and customer service consultants to a minimum standard of excellence, customer protection and product knowledge.

“We’re excited to introduce the new CVPP certification that was created with VSC industry experts to accurately validate the very specialized industry knowledge and skills of sales and customer service employees of vehicle service contract marketers," Larose said.

“Professionals are looking for a way to demonstrate and promote their skills by earning a certification that is a distinct indicator of their deep industry knowledge and VSC marketing companies also benefit from the rigor and integrity of the CVPP training and exam process,” he continued.

Vehicle service contract sales and customer service professionals who would like to be CVPP certified must complete the online CVPP training module and certification exam. Organizations that work with CVPP certified professionals will be assured that these individuals are well-versed in industry knowledge and best practices for the vehicle service contract industry.

All participating companies are granted CVPP Accredited Service Center status with no monthly or annual fees or dues. The CVPP Accredited Service Center credential validates an organization's level of commitment to staff CVPP training and certification, resulting in competitive differentiation and consumer confidence. It can identify organizations that employ CVPP certified customer service and sales staff members.

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