GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Universal Special Auto Finance reported this week that it continues to make its mark in auto finance with Universal PrimeTM, its new, progressive program for prime consumers.

Universal officials said the company has "thrived in the subprime market with a strong and respected network of dealers throughout the U.S. Carefully selected dealers and groundbreaking lending guidelines will be the foundation for Universal PrimeTM as well."

More specifically, John Scordo, Universal's chief executive officer, said, "With many other financial institutions restricting lending at this time, Universal is moving forward aggressively. We are positioned and proving to be a key player in multiple areas of the market."

"Our new prime lending model is innovative, efficient and generates consistent and impressive profitability for financial institutions and auto dealers, on the short and the long term," he continued.

Scordo went on to explain that the company's executive team has decades of experience and extensive expertise in both the auto finance market and the financial services arena. 

Steve Norbut, executive vice president of dealer sales, added, "Through careful selection of our dealer partners and consistent, quality underwriting decisions, we make solid lending decisions that benefit consumers, dealers, our financial institution clients and the marketplace."

Universal also rolled out another program this year, Universal SolutionsTM. It offers a comprehensive, a la carte menu of auto loan origination and portfolio management services to lending-related companies of all sizes and types. 

Universal Solutions TM also offers auto dealers the opportunity to finance their own deals, giving them control of their own financing and the ability to increase their sales, while adding an additional profit center at the same time. 

The program is also designed to provide third-party servicing for dealers as well financial institutions that have or are building loan portfolios. 

"All of the pieces are firmly in place, and the possibilities are endless. We are very proud of what we provide our clients." Said Sheryl Gurrentz, Universal's chief operating officer.

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