Vero and Privacy4Cars finalized an exclusive partnership aimed at helping consumers from personal data abuses through vehicle data deletion and ID theft recovery.

The fruit of the partnership is Identi-FI, which pairs Privacy4Cars’ patented AutoCleared and Vehicle Privacy Report tools with Vero’s three-generation fully managed recovery (FMR), providing a comprehensive solution that is available now as a membership subscription to qualified auto dealers and distributors.

Vero and Privacy4Cars acknowledged identity theft is on the rise. To help combat the trend using Identi-FI, the companies said dealers can now provide customers an option while helping to secure sales, safeguard customers’ identities, and steer clear of data risks to drive trust and protect consumer privacy along the way.

Auto dealers within the Identi-FI program will receive Privacy4Cars’ AutoCleared and Vehicle Privacy Report to use for all vehicles at the dealership. They will simultaneously be able to offer Vero’s suite of identity theft tools, including FMR that covers all forms of identity theft and fraud, to customers as a revenue-generating service add-on during the sales process.

Patented AutoCleared is a robust vehicle data deletion process that can remove personal information from used cars and can automatically generate certificates with AutoCleared badges.

The Vehicle Privacy Report automatically can add badges to inventory on store websites and link VIN-specific badges to free reports. Those reports can help with disclosure process to prove personal data has been erased from available vehicles.

FMR can provide remediation and recovery for all forms of identity theft or fraud, regardless of how or when they occurred. Each identity theft case is assigned a dedicated, certified recovery advocate who works on the victim’s behalf to perform all the tasks necessary to restore their identity entirely.

“Until now, consumers and dealerships had to piecemeal privacy and identity theft tools separately, with limited resources in the auto space despite cars being one of the largest targets for identity theft that most Americans own, from connected car data to personal items left in the car,” Vero CEO Joe Annoreno said in a news release.

“By partnering with Privacy4Cars to couple its exclusive suite of privacy tools with our unparalleled Fully managed ID theft recovery offering, Identi-FI is able to bring the first full-circle solution to market that limits the liability of dealers before, during, and after the car sale transaction — while simultaneously protecting consumers from the hefty costs and burden of identity theft that extends beyond the car lot,” Annoreno continued.

Privacy4Cars founder Andrea Amico added, “Partnering with Vero to launch Identi-FI marks an important evolution in our industry where now a single, value-driven identity theft and connected car deletion service exists to protect dealers and their customers, alike.

“We’re pleased to offer the auto industry an opportunity to couple our suite of patented tools in a completely new way, with best-in-class identity theft protection from Vero,” Amico went on to say.

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