PHILADELPHIA — VINtek, a provider of automotive collateral management services and direct auto finance solutions for banks, credit unions and other auto finance lenders, announced that it has opened a backup facility at the SunGard Availability Services location in Wood Dale, Ill.

The facility, fully staffed and maintained at all times by SunGard Availability Services, serves as a fully redundant backup center to the information technology operations of VINtek in its Philadelphia and Las Vegas locations.

Adding the third center ensures VINtek will maintain business continuity during regional emergencies or other operational threats, officials highlighted.

"As demand for automated financial services grows within the auto industry, we constantly enhance our ability to provide secure, reliable services to our financial institution clients who use our software as a service (SaaS) model for automotive collateral management," said Larry Highbloom, president of VINtek.

"Since VINtek manages more than $100 billion in automotive assets, we chose SunGard Availability Services for our recovery center due to its history of superior performance and prominence as the foremost IT facility hosting and business continuity provider to the financial services industry," he concluded.