LOS ANGELES — Westlake Financial Services announced the national rollout of its integration with RouteOne's credit application management system.

The national rollout kicked off last week.

Ian Anderson, president of Westlake Financial, explained that Westlake's integration with RouteOne is part of the company's goal of "doing business the way dealers want to do business" and making it as easy as possible to submit an application to Westlake Financial Services. 

"We are committed to aligning ourselves with leaders in the auto financing industry and RouteOne is a technology leader that Westlake is proud to be a part of," Anderson said.

"We are very pleased to welcome Westlake Financial to the RouteOne platform," said Mike Jurecki, RouteOne chief executive officer.

"Westlake is committed, as is RouteOne, to providing its dealer customers opportunities for growth and profit through technology. We look forward to providing Westlake and its dealers the efficiencies that RouteOne offers," he added.

Meanwhile, Mark Vazquez, vice president of sales for Westlake Financial, said that, "during these financially challenging times, dealerships need more access to those avenues that allow them to get quick decisions." 

In fact, he said he believes that being part of the RouteOne platform is an important step in providing that avenue to dealerships.

"They (recently signed franchised dealers) are recognizing that the unique flexibility in the Westlake Buy Program is enabling them to keep customers in their stores instead of having to turn them away," said Paul Kerwin, Westlake Financial's chief financial officer. 

"The RouteOne integration will make it easier for us to service our dealers and increase our franchise penetration. Westlake is focused on getting our name out to the marketplace considering our financial strength and long-term growth strategy," he continued.

"Now is a good opportunity to tell dealers that Westlake is always there for them despite economic conditions or the state of the used-car market," he concluded.

Select dealerships currently using RouteOne began seeing Westlake's integration Jan. 22, with full national rollout completed in the coming weeks.