Generally speaking, auto loan payments are being made on time these days, as Experian Automotive shows in its latest State of the Automotive Finance Market report.

But how are the different regions of the country faring?

First, let’s look at the overall statistics.

For the second quarter, the 30-day delinquency rate for the period was 2.32 percent, which was the best Q2 reading in five years, Experian said. A year ago, it was at 2.37 percent.

The 60-day level nudged up slightly, reaching 0.607 percent after coming in at 0.603 percent a year ago.

For details on how delinquency is trending in your neck of the woods, Experian offers these charts, which break down where 30-day and 60-day delinquency rates are highest and lowest.

30-Day Delinquencies
Mississippi, 3.77%      
Washington, D.C., 3.49%       
Louisiana, 3.16%        
South Carolina, 2.91%            
West Virginia, 2.80%  

Oregon, 1.03%
North Dakota, 1.11%

Minnesota, 1.18%
Washington, 1.21%
Idaho, 1.22%

60-Day Delinquencies
Washington, D.C., 1.02%       
Mississippi, 0.94%     
Louisiana, 0.87%       
South Carolina, 0.74%            
Alabama, 0.71%          

Oregon, 0.25%
North Dakota, 0.25%
Vermont, 0.27%

Washington, 0.27%
Iowa, 0.27%
Idaho, 0.27%