SYRACUSE, N.Y. —  XpressCredit announced its technology is now available to the USA Auto Loans network of dealers through a new partnership. USA Auto Loans specializes in connecting independent dealers with subprime and prime lenders, as well as other products that aid dealers.

Basically, the company handles dealer floor-plan lines of credit, service contracts, warranties and Red Flag compliance issues. 

Among the advantages XpressCredit included for network dealers were its profit calculator, book-out tools, access to lenders, collateral valuations, credit reports and F&I menu selling system. 

USA Auto Loans' managing partner, Jim Formanek, further explained how partnering with XPressCredit would benefit the network dealers. 

"With an easy-to-use, Web-based lender portal, managed by a set of business rules provided by the lender, the dealer is able to effectively and efficiently have paper placed to the right institutions," Formanek pointed out. 

"Dealers are able to complete a simple e-application by visiting the USA Auto Loans Web site," Formanek added. 

The company also provides marketing, advertising and training support as well as other innovative technology systems. 

"This affiliation provides our valued partner, USA Auto Loans, opportunities for their dealers to turn more inventory, gain efficiencies and provides greater access to lenders," noted Mark Louer, executive vice president of XpressCredit. 

"We value our relationship with the USA Auto Loans team," Louer concluded.