SYRACUSE, N.Y. — XpressCredit announced that it has joined forces with Southeast Auto Dealers Rental Association to expand services to dealers providing long-term rentals with the option to own.

Officials said the company's partnership with SEADRA is designed to allow XpressCredit to help dealers secure the proper licensure, tax status, insurance coverage and necessary administrative compliance to allow them to successfully offer consumers rent-to-own vehicles.

The program caters to vehicle shoppers who do not want to enter into long-term commitments, have seasonal transportation requirements, or are otherwise unable to secure the credit necessary to purchase or lease a vehicle.

Founded in 1999, SEADRA is America's largest rent-to-own dealer program, officials claimed.

"At XpressCredit, we help our customers turn more inventory, close more deals and gain efficiencies. Together with SEADRA, we will help dealers expand the number of deals they close involving long-term rentals of used motor vehicles," said Paul Gignilliat, XpressCredit founder and chief executive officer.

Michael Garner, director of public relations for SEADRA, added, "SEADRA's excitement of partnering with XpressCredit is immeasurable. The opportunity to reach the dealer base of XpressCredit will provide rapid growth to an already expanding business.

"The benefits of utilizing the SEADRA rent-to-own system will allow dealers to see huge profit growth within a short length of time," he concluded.

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