SYRACUSE, N.Y. — XpressCredit has struck a deal with U.S. Choice Auto Rental Systems to provide the company's dealers with an online lending platform.

Basically, XpressCredit dealers can now utilize the U.S. Choice program as a way to deploy current inventory to start a car and truck rental business.

Karen Trudel, chief operating officer of U.S. CARS, noted: "Our partnership with XpressCredit gives members the full support and required resources to help manage daily rental operations.

"This includes rental insurance, in-depth training, 24-7 access to all rental forms and manuals and discounted auto rental software," she added.

XpressCredit's founder and chief executive officer Paul Gignilliat commented: "This enterprise provides additional revenue opportunities to dealers within our network. Dealers can create supplementary cash flow with the U.S. CARS program by using their existing inventory for car rentals."