SANTA ROSA, Calif. — ZAP announced it has partnered with netLoan Funding to provide its customers with one-stop Internet financing for electric vehicle and electric car purchases.

NetLoan Funding specializes in providing lender management services and a diversity of loan and lease options for online or point-of-sale purchases, officials noted.

With this new partner, ZAP said it now has the capability to offer its customers multiple finance options to purchase an electric vehicle or to get pre-qualified by a lender prior to purchase.

NetLoan will initially offer ZAP customers a variety of unsecured personal loan options to make their purchases, with additional secured loan and lease options to be rolled out in the coming months, officials reported.

"The majority of automobiles are purchased through monthly payments," said Steve Schneider, ZAP's chief executive officer. "This association removes the barrier for average consumers to be able to afford a ZAP electric car, truck or scooter."

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