NEW YORK — Zoombak recently debuted its new product called Zoombak GPS Recovery — Risk, which is a new GPS locator package for Buy-Here, Pay-Here car dealers that can help to reduce their risk in financing auto sales.

Zoombak GPS Recovery — Risk can accommodate the rapidly expanding subprime market by providing simple-to-install, reliable vehicle location with no monthly fee, officials noted.

Basically, the product utilizes both global satellite and cellular signals to provide dealers with precise, real-time vehicle location.

Moreover, Zoombak's intuitive user interface can allow car dealers to quickly choose a vehicle and monitor its location on an online map. Using Risk, car dealers can track down BHPH vehicles almost instantly, utilizing on-demand location lookups, executives highlighted.

"Zoombak is excited to be entering the fastest growing segment of the auto sales industry.  Zoombak GPS Recovery — Risk was developed to accommodate the growing needs of BHPH car dealers," said Simon Buckingham, Zoombak's chief executive officer.

"The device weighs about 2.5 ounces and takes around 10 minutes to install, providing car dealers with simple, easy to use tracking functionality," he added.

The GPS Recovery — Risk package is available with a variety of service plans tailored to meet the unique requirements of the BHPH dealer.

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