Artificial intelligence-powered vehicle inspection platform PAVE has been honored in the annual AutoTech Breakthrough Awards — named the overall fleet management company of the year. The awards, conducted by AutoTech Breakthrough, received 1,600 nominations this year from over 15 countries.

“Anyone who can take photos with a smartphone can use the PAVE product, and our clients benefit by unlocking the knowledge of a skilled inspector without the associated time and expense. We’re pleased to be in this years’ AutoTech Breakthrough Winners’ Circle,” said Brian Steinhauser, PAVE co-CEO, in a press release “From optimizing fleet management, to improving customer experience and vehicle safety, PAVE can help optimize your fleet’s performance while reducing maintenance expenses. We will continue to enhance our technology to provide the most comprehensive and reliable inspection solutions in the industry, providing trust, transparency, and efficiency in vehicle inspections.”

The AutoTech Breakthrough Awards aim every year to conduct a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of automotive and transportation technology categories. These include connected cars, electric vehicles, engine technology, auto cybersecurity, sensor technology, traffic tech and more.

“PAVE has truly transformed vehicle inspection,” said Bryan Vaughn, managing director of AutoTech Breakthrough Awards in a press release. “Managing a vehicle fleet is challenging; it means keeping vehicles running smoothly, maintaining compliance with safety standards, and minimizing out of service time. We’re thrilled to recognize PAVE as Overall Fleet Management Company of the Year for all their inspection solutions. PAVE removes complexity allowing you to know the condition of a fleet vehicle anytime, anywhere, automatically. They give fleet managers access to a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective solution to traditional manual inspections.”

Here’s how PAVE works: The platform provides clients with automatic graded vehicle condition reports that include estimates for repair costs. All this data analysis is done via photos — clients follow a guided image capture process on their smartphones, and then let the platform do its thing. PAVE contends its AI-powered process leaves less room for inaccuracies and can provide fleet managers with the info they need faster, and more cost-effectively.

In other recent news from PAVE, back in August Auto Remarketing Canada reported the company’s new partnership with dealer vehicle acquisition platform Turnyn. The partnership is designed to “revolutionize the vehicle acquisition and appraisal process,” in an effort to increase efficiency, condition insight and pricing accuracy, PAVE says.

Stay tuned and hear more from the PAVE team in an upcoming Auto Remarketing Canada podcast.