Vehicle inspection platform PAVE is focusing on artificial intelligence and the role it plays in the company’s success. With that in mind, PAVE has hired four new machine learning experts to boost its AI team.

These new recruits were all sourced through the Vector Institute, which launched in 2017 and works with the private, government and public sectors to improve the life of Canadians via AI-based innovation.

The new hires — Abhishek Chandar, Roisul Islam Rumi, Shamisa Kaspour and Vinitha Rajagopal Muthu — have experience in AI and machine learning, as well as computer vision.

“PAVE utilizes AI and advanced machine learning, reinforced by remote human review, to build structured data and continuously train our inspection algorithms to automatically recognize and automatically determine information about the vehicle and elements of the vehicle inspection,” PAVE chief strategy officer Jameel Ghata said in an emailed statement to Auto Remarketing Canada.

“Our approach to AI led to the automotive industry’s most advanced automated damage detection platform while ensuring PAVE’s clients receive the most accurate vehicle inspection in the industry,” he said.

The Vector Institute selected PAVE as one of four companies to participate in their FastLane Applied Projects program, focusing on computer vision use cases.

Through inclusion in the Vector Institute’s FastLane program, PAVE was matched with the four machine learning associates that are currently working with PAVE.

FastLane is an immersive program designed to support AI innovation by tapping into AI talent and leveraging Vector’s technical and professional development expertise. Participating companies leverage Vector to reduce the time and effort required to further their AI use cases, access funding to decrease the cost of recruiting talent, and maximize success through collaboration.

The company said it made “significant advancements” in machine learning AI for visual inspections through the program and is now onboarding the four machine learning experts they worked with during the program.

Chandar and Rumi both bring experience from the automotive sector, in which Chandar developed machine learning algorithms to automatically detect vehicle information. Rumi led a project to use AI to detect vehicle collision damage.

Kaspour and Muthu each won the Vector Scholarship in AI during their master’s programs, and both have experience in working through machine learning algorithms for mobile applications.

The company’s growing machine learning team plays a critical role in advancing its vehicle inspection platform. And these hires will work to enhance this role.

“These hires joined our growing AI and machine learning team within our engineering division and are developing and deploying cutting-edge algorithms that advance the PAVE inspection platform,” Steve Southin, co-CEO and founder of PAVE, said in an emailed statement to Auto Remarketing Canada. “The machine learning associates will build upon our patented inspection platform and processes to implement novel approaches and methods to algorithmically identify damage on vehicles automatically. We are incredibly excited about what the future holds for these hires and the PAVE inspection platform.”

Additional recent PAVE moves

In May, PAVE announced it had finalized a partnership with TRADE X, and B2B cross-border vehicle marketplace. TRADE X has integrated PAVE’s vehicle inspection API into its platform.

Through this integration, sellers on the TRADE X platform can easily capture inspection information and provide greater transparency on vehicles. Meanwhile, it gives dealers the ability to inspect prior vehicles prior to purchase, fostering greater buying confidence.

In March, the company announced another similar partnership, but with a repo focus. NCCI, a provider of risk resolution outsourcing (RRO) solutions, formed a new strategic partnership with PAVE.

The companies see this move as solving two potential challenges that might intensify as auto defaults and vehicle repossessions rise, including time-consuming paperwork and inefficient communication with clients.

In December, PAVE said that online auto retailer CarDoor is now using the company’s platform to promote greater transparency in consumers’ at-home vehicle inspections.


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