Drivers of VinFast vehicles in Canada now have another option for charging solutions.

Electric vehicle charging company FLO is now equipped to provide charging services for Canadian drivers with VinFast EVs, and gives them access through FLO’s network of public level 2 and DC fast chargers.

“Partnering with companies like VinFast broadens FLO’s network and community, ensuring more EV drivers have access to the optimal charging experience FLO provides across North America,” said Louis Tremblay, president and CEO of FLO, in a press release. “Adding VinFast drivers to the FLO network is just the latest step in our mission of driving toward a zero-carbon future and helping overcome climate change.”

VinFast recently delivered the first shipment of its VF 8 model to customers. The VF 8 is a fully electric all-wheel drive SUV.

VinFast drivers in Canada can begin charging sessions from the VinFast app or from the vehicle’s navigation system. This move provides instant access to FLO’s public charging stations deployed throughout the country.

Robert Muller, deputy CEO of sales and marketing at VinFast Canada, said in the press release, “We are very honored to have this opportunity with FLO in the Canadian market. This partnership not only gives VinFast users in Canada access to a nationwide charging network, but also helps accelerate the achievement of our long-term NET zero (Zero Emissions) goal.”

Tremblay said: “We are excited to see more EV options for drivers. FLO will continue to partner with more and more automakers to ensure their customers fully utilize our network to stay charged up and on the go.”

This is just the most recent move from VinFast. In late November, it was announced SCI now offers Canadians a leasing program for VinFast electric vehicles, growing the automaker’s presence in the country.

VinFast already has opened stores across the country, and delivered hundreds of vehicles to Canadian customers, the automaker said in a press release. Offerings in the lease program will include the brand’s most popular VF 8 model, as well.