CARY, N.C., and PHOENIX — The tough capital markets and economy have led many lenders to tighten underwriting requirements and pull back from the lower credit tiers. This has left many dealers throughout the country struggling to find indirect auto lenders willing to serve their special finance customers.

However, the lenders are still out there. It may just be a bit more difficult to find them and strike up a relationship.

To bring dealers and lenders together to thrive in these difficult times, SubPrime Auto Finance News teamed up with, which maintains an internal lender directory to supplement its Guaranteed Marketing programs, to develop a list of indirect auto lenders that continue to serve the non-prime and subprime credit tiers.

"Every week I'm getting calls from dealers looking to develop relationships with non-prime lenders. As many of the national companies have retrenched to certain degrees, this has opened the door for the smaller- to medium-sized lenders to reach out to dealers and fill the gap," explained Jennifer Reed, editor of SubPrime Auto Finance News.

"By sharing your information, you will not only be added to our special online lender directory, but you will also be spotlighted in our special August SubPrime edition called ‘Where's the Money?' I encourage lenders to spread the word and participate. This is your chance to highlight your services and get in front of thousands of dealers throughout the country," she continued.

Robert Davies, president of Direct Marketing Associaties/, added, "Because we guarantee the results of our products, we say on top of the ‘Who's Who' in the lending markets. The industry has needed a centralized directory for some time now and with the indirect lenders tightening of late, I cannot think of a better tool for today's subprime finance professional.

"Every day we talk to dealers who have successful relationships with a wide list of different lenders. I believe the industry could substantially benefit from this shared information," he pointed out.

To make this list as accurate as possible, Reed encourages lenders to contact her at, providing a brief overview of services, what states they work in and where dealers can go to learn more information, such as a Web site or an executive. Photography, including shots of headquarters or top executives, is also welcome.

The deadline to be included in this special SubPrime Auto Finance News edition is July 9. Shortly after the publication is mailed to its 50,000-plus readers throughout the country, the list will be uploaded to the SubPrime Web site, with plans to update it on a continual basis.

Special incentives are available for lenders who elect to advertise in this unprecedented August edition, to learn more, contact Bill Zadeits at