Service drive activity lags despite predicted uptick in vacation driving

Both AAA and TransUnion predicted notable travel activity happening on the roads this Memorial Day weekend and beyond. However, a recent analysis by Cox Automotive of Xtime metrics showed the car owners might not have done a lot of vehicle ... [Read More]


NAAA 75th: Kevin Cook of Manheim on auction standards committee work & more

Next up on our “NAAA 75th” series of the Auto Remarketing Podcast is a conversation with Kevin Cook, AVP of client services at Manheim. Cook is also the co-chair of the NAAA Auction Standards Committee. He joins the show to ... [Read More]


4 Questions with Brad Rosenfeld of CarGurus

Next up in Auto Remarketing’s “4 Questions With” series of Q&As with industry executives, we connect with Brad Rosenfeld, CarGurus executive vice president of digital retail commercialization. The following Q&A with Rosenfeld is available to CMG Premium subscribers ... [Read More]


Stephens names new head of investment banking dealership practice

Stephens announced managing director Joe Mowery now will head the investment banking dealership practice, following 20 years as head of the department’s power and industrial technology group. The independent financial services firm said Mowery assumes the role from Matthew Marks, ... [Read More]
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Wholesale values of late-model vehicles up sequentially for 5th straight month

Although overall wholesale vehicle values this month have “plateaued” at the spring/tax season peaks reached in April, prices on late-model units continues to rise. That’s according to the latest Kontos Kommentary report from ADESA chief economist Tom Kontos released Thursday. The average wholesale vehicle value was at ... [Read More]