When the current leaders of defi SOLUTIONS decided to add Gestalt Tech to its family of data and service providers, they likely had a pretty good idea of the provider’s capabilities.

After all, Gestalt’s chief executive officer is Stephanie Hanson, who founded defi SOLUTIONS that was acquired by Fiserv four years ago.

This week, Hanson brought her current technology endeavor to the marketplace with defi SOLUTIONS, so finance companies can have a cloud-based, smart data warehouse purpose built for shops using the defi LOS originations system.

The companies highlighted the ease of the Gestalt Tech data warehouse will make it possible for defi LOS clients to quickly onboard and derive value.

Gestalt is built to eliminate the need for finance companies to hire data engineers to create a data architecture, data models and data mapping while also handling security, PII, data export, and warehouse maintenance on behalf of clients.

According to Gestalt, data pulls that used to take months and hundreds of hours will take less than one day.

Additionally, the more Gestalt is used, the more the data customizes to the need, helping lenders with a Gestalt data warehouse be more productive, save time and money, and increase trust with key partners.

As its name implies, Gestalt unifies data to create a meaningful whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

“Gestalt solves a problem for our defi LOS clients in need of effective data warehousing,” defi SOLUTIONS CEO Tom Allanson said. “I appreciate the efforts of the teams involved at Gestalt and defi who came together to deliver a solution that helps our lenders efficiently manage the movement of data and improve their BI decision-making.”

For Hanson, it’s back collaborating with familiar professionals.

“We are excited to be working again with defi LOS clients, many of whom we’ve known for decades and worked with in other ventures,” Hanson said. We look forward to introducing them to the opportunities Gestalt can provide their businesses.”

It’s the second notable move for Gestalt within automotive. In August, the company finalized a partnership with Inovatec.

“Gestalt’s solutions can be a game changer for many lenders,” Inovatec co-founder and chief executive officer Vlad Kovacevic said in another news release distributed this summer. “While other data warehouse solutions simply provide data with little if any analysis, Gestalt enables same-day delivery of data that lenders can actually use during critical moments, such as compliance reporting and investor loan tape generation. This offering makes data far more accessible and beneficial than what was previously available in the market.”