Launcher landed its second alliance of the week on Thursday with the newest one aimed at expanding access to credit within the Hispanic market.

Launcher now is integrated with Conecta Marketing Group in order to help finance companies optimize their customer acquisition operations.

Previously, Launcher made a move with Scienaptic AI aimed at benefitting mutual auto finance clients with more advanced underwriting tools.

Launcher president Nikh Nath explained why he made this decision with Conecta.

“Bringing Conecta’s deep knowledge in customer acquisition combined with the robust capabilities of our system will provide an edge to lenders that want to have full control of their customer acquisition cycle,” Nath said.

Founded by president and CEO Andres Huertas, Conecta Marketing Group provides customer acquisition consulting services for finance companies and dealers, helping them deploy a customer centric approach leveraging  multi-channel digital communications  (SMS, email, GMB, FB/IG Messenger, WhatsApp, TikTok, LinkedIn) on a simple, easy to use single platform using messages and campaigns that are relevant to their target audience, with main focus in the Hispanic market.

“We believe that pairing our deep knowledge in customer acquisition using both traditional and digital marketing, using our multi-channel digital communication platform, along with the modern capabilities of the Launcher LOS, will provide its customers an edge when it comes to optimizing their acquisition costs,” said Huertas, who also is among the speaking faculty for Cherokee Media Group’s Auto Intel Summit + National Remarketing Conference that runs April 23-25 in Cary, N.C.