Launcher is on pace to form a partnership per month.

After finalizing two in February, the provider of the appTRAKER Loan Origination System announced its newest partnership on Tuesday, aligning with TruDecision.

The result of a full integration is mutual financing clients having seamless access to TruDecision’s analytic solution and proprietary credit risk technology, maximizing deal closures and profitability.

Launcher reiterated that the appTRAKER Loan Origination System was designed by subprime experts in the automotive finance industry, so the complexity and criticality of credit risk management is built into its core. This integration is meant to benefit finance companies utilizing appTRAKER LOS by optimizing the originations process for improved closure rates by maximizing decision accuracy and reducing portfolio risk.

The metrics provided by TruDecision integrate seamlessly within appTRAKER’s processes and workflows to promote automated decisioning and workflows, providing finance companies with more advanced automation capabilities throughout the entire underwriting process.

“Lenders have been experiencing unprecedented swings in performance due to the recent economic environment, making it more important than ever to expand one’s models to account for the impact of market factors” TruDecision CEO Daniel Parry said in a news release.

“Launcher’s market-leading platform makes them an ideal partner to deliver our sophisticated tools, designed to drive bottom line results with lenders across the credit spectrum,” Parry continued.

Previously, Launcher also boosted underwriting capabilities through a partnership with Scienaptic AI. Also, Launcher looked to make inroads in the Hispanic market via an alignment with Conecta Marketing Group.

And now Launcher has the relationship with TruDecision.

“Launcher has always stayed on the forefront of innovation and has prioritized focus on our lenders’ need for better ways to consume the data utilized during the underwriting and originations process,” Launcher president Nikh Nath said in the news release.

“Our partners at TruDecision are experts with a proven track record for creating analytic tools and optimizing performance, so we know this integration will be a valuable one for our lenders.”