This week, PureCars announced new data and insights regarding dealers’ knowledge of third-party cookie deprecation, customer database health and using first-party data for targeted marketing, as well as familiarity with customer data platform (CDP) technology.

Key survey insights from respondents representing franchised dealerships across the U.S. included:

Google’s cookie deprecation:

—58% of dealers were unaware or unsure of Google’s plans to eliminate cookies in 2024

—55% were either unfamiliar or only moderately aware of how a cookie-less landscape would affect their ability to target potential customers

—65% had some level of concern about how this will affect their digital advertising performance

Database health for targeted marketing:

—55% of dealers believe that a quarter or more of their customer database is targeted with marketing that’s not relevant to them due to inaccurate data

—Only 13% felt their DMS was populated with clean data

—89% were cleaning/appending their customer data on a quarterly basis, or lesser frequency

—44% indicated they were manually appending their CRM with updated customer information

Customer data platforms:

—46% of dealers are familiar with CDPs

—34% said they feel their dealership needs a CDP and 45% said they are unsure

—65% admit they do not understand or are unsure about the differences between a CDP and a CRM

“This survey has given us a strong indication that dealers may be unaware and unprepared for how a cookie-less landscape will affect their digital advertising strategy,” PureCars president Aaron Sheeks said in a news release about the project orchestrated in March.

“This is a critical time for dealers to focus on optimizing their first-party data, and working with a partner that’s ahead of the impending changes and can meet all of their data and advertising needs,” Sheeks continued.

With the demise of third-party cookies for collecting customer data, PureCar explained this customer data survey indicates there is great potential for dealers to reshape their marketing strategy — bringing the importance of clean first-party data to the forefront.

PureCars pointed out this data is owned by the dealership and collected directly from consumers through interactions with a dealership’s website, other digital properties, or in-person interactions.

An analysis of the survey results led PureCars to create a guide outlining actionable insights for dealers to overcome these data challenges.

To download the white paper titled, 5 Marketing Challenges Dealers Can Solve With A Customer Data Platform, go to this website.