CARY, N.C. -

More than 70 Manheim locations have now returned to in-lane bidding via Digital Block sales, as more than a dozen have been added back in the past two weeks.

That includes four resuming in-lane sales this week: Manheim Georgia, Manheim Atlanta, Manheim New Mexico and Manheim Birmingham.

In the past two weeks, these auctions have also resumed in-lane sales via Digital Block: Manheim Phoenix, Manheim Detroit, Manheim Flint, Manheim Baltimore-Washington, Manheim Fort Lauderdale, Manheim Fredericksburg, Manheim New York, Manheim Orlando, Manheim Palm Beach, Manheim St. Pete, Manheim Tampa and Manheim New Jersey.

Dealers at these locations are able to bid in-lane through Digital Block sales, which include in-lane bidding on site at Manheim auctions with a live auctioneer and simulcast.

Vehicles remain stationary and can be viewed on screens. They do not move through lanes.

A company spokesperson said 72 of 75 Manheim auctions are now hosting Digital Block sales.  Manheim plans to bring the remainder on board by Nov. 5, but will not do so at Manheim Hawaii per government mandates, the spokersperson said. 

“Our teams are enjoying welcoming clients and giving them more access to our lanes through Digital Block sales,” Manheim regional vice president Alan Lang said in comments provided via email. 

“Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen more dealers taking advantage of previewing vehicles as well as participating in Digital Block sales,” Lang said. “As health and safety remain at the center of all we do, strict safety protocols remain in place, including requiring facial coverings, social distancing and daily reviews of pandemic data in each market.”

Manheim is also providing its Lot Vision vehicle tracking program at 20 auctions and is planning to add Manheim San Francisco this week.

All Manheim locations are providing onsite inventory previews. The company began that process on May 1, and a little more than a month later started letting sellers back to represent vehicles on the block.