Dealers now have more ways to converse with potential vehicle buyers who prefer online interaction before potentially walking through the showroom doors.

Cox Automotive recently announced that it has unlocked more ActivEngage messaging capabilities across several retailing brands and solutions including Autotrader, Accelerate My Deal, and Kelley Blue Book.

According to a news release, Cox Automotive will now offer face-to-face video during live chats in the messaging window supporting dealer-customer engagement to help guide today’s shoppers through the digital retailing process and encourage more of the deal completion process online.

The company said ActivEngage Messaging will be available through Cox Automotive brands and solutions this quarter. The company said the capability can allow dealers to scale up or down and manage live and online chat support.

It’s all to build relationships and possibly eliminate missed opportunities since dealerships can use these digital tools to be staffed 24 hours a day.

“With more than half of all vehicle transactions in 2023 predicted to be conducted with at least one digital step or tool, maximizing value from every customer interaction is paramount,” said Jessica Stafford, senior vice president of consumer solutions at Cox Automotive.

“Building trust, confidence and rapport through face-to-face engagements will help us deliver the car buying experience today’s consumer expects,” Stafford continued in the news release.

Through this exclusive partnership involving Cox Automotive and ActivEngage, customers also can expect:

—Face-to-face video chat sessions online so you never leave the customer side, whether remote or in person.

—Follow the shopper throughout every step of the online deal completion, providing the live, in-person feel you get on location at the dealership.

—Empower automotive dealers and consumers to build relationships with engagement experts, specifically trained to drive digital retailing conversations that turn into sales.

“Dealers understand how critical it is to make digital consumer experiences more human and engaging,” ActivEngage chief revenue officer Eric Schlesinger said. “This unique collaboration between two industry powerhouses helps dealers better meet consumers online to create an emotional connection to the dealership and their purchase.

“The enhanced service will guide shoppers through the digital retail process and gather essential insight for more productive in-person conversations,” Schlesinger went on to say.

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