SAN JOSE, Calif. -

Results from eBay Motors’ Future of Automotive Shopping Survey show that nearly 70 percent of consumers have searched for dealership information via their mobile device.

Company officials also pointed out the survey findings indicated consumers — especially younger drivers ages 18 to 29 — expect technology be used to enhance the vehicle-buying experience and are more likely to adopt mobile and online tools to purchase cars, trucks and automotive parts and accessories.

“Mobile is increasingly changing the way consumers shop — whether it’s for a vehicle or parts and accessory,” eBay Motors general manager Sree Menon said.

“Today’s consumer — especially millennials — are embracing technology to enhance their own car shopping experiences,” Menon continued.

“At eBay, we’re continuing to arm automotive dealers and P&A sellers with the tools needed to evolve their business,” Menon went on to say. “We are focused on how we can leverage technology to help sellers create a personalized experience that meets consumers’ ever-changing needs.”

Today’s vehicle shopper is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. In fact, one eBay a car or truck is bought via mobile every five minutes.

Research indicated that consumers are interested in using all available mobile and online resources to make the most informed decision when researching or buying a car as the survey showed 21 percent of 18-29 year olds are interested in trying “augmented reality” when shopping for a vehicle

Women are buying more automotive parts online

With the rise in fitment capabilities, eBay Motors noted more and more consumers purchase P&A online. In fact, on eBay, three P&A are sold every one second.

When it comes to fixing, modifying or upgrading a vehicle, more women prefer to source their part or accessory online. As a whole, eBay Motors thinks today’s shopper is more likely to perform the installation as opposed to paying a professional.

Here are seven other trends listed as findings from latest eBay Motors study:

— 41 percent of women have purchased auto parts (brakes, wheels/tires, interior/exterior components, etc.) online

— Nearly half (47 percent) of consumers have purchased automotive parts online

— 64 percent are DIYers (Do It Yourself) who installed the parts they bought online themselves

— 22 percent are DIFMers (Do It For Me) who bring their parts to an auto shop or dealership

— 14 percent are both DIYers/DIFMers

— 23 percent of the consumers that have not purchased automotive parts and accessories online are likely to do so in the future

— 53 percent of consumers living in the South — included Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas — are more likely to purchase automotive parts and accessories online

The survey conducted in May, collected responses from more than 1,000 U.S. vehicle owners — 50 percent male responses and 50 percent female responses — to determine consumer shopping habits in order to inform what the future of the automotive retail experience looks like.

“eBay Motors is committed to being the leading vehicle, parts and accessories destination, where shoppers can discover and purchase virtually any vehicle they want or parts that they need to modify, repair, and personalize their rides,” site officials said.