Automotive messaging and consumer engagement leader ActivEngage has introduced Flip2txt, a call management service with a call-to-text transition feature designed to allow dealerships to provide “uninterrupted, people-powered inbound call support” and engagement for callers around the clock.

“Flip2txt represents a significant step forward in the call management technology available for car dealerships today,” ActivEngage CEO Ted Rubin said. “We believe this product will revolutionize how dealerships streamline their communication processes with clientele, making it easier than ever for customers to call and connect at any time while still delivering exceptional service.”

ActivEngage said Flip2txt lets dealerships can control of inbound calls, ensuring “constant accessibility and top-notch customer experiences,” including during high volume periods. The company said the tool offers an interactive menu to let consumers transition between voice calls and texts and 24/7 call reception and engagement, as well as hold time reduction, customer support and engagement.

“In an era in which connectivity is paramount, our groundbreaking call management service is poised to change the game in how car dealerships interact with callers,” chief technology officer Michael Third said. “We’re not only bridging connections, we’re redefining the communication process for automotive.”