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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — The ADESA Canada Used Vehicle Price Index continued to soften during April, as once again, auction prices showed an uncharacteristic slowdown.

More specifically, ADESA's data — powered by ALG Canada — indicates that there was a 0.6-percentage-point dip, seasonally adjusted, in the index in April as compared to March. 

The index has shown month-over-month declines for seven straight months.

There was also an upswing in volume on a month-over-month basis, and this had a "marginal" impact on resale prices, officials indicated.

"Auction prices experienced a slight overall decline where typically we would expect a modest pickup," officials pointed out. "Overall volume was up by approximately 25 percent compared to March. This additional volume had marginal pressure on resale prices."

The mid-compact segment (with an increase of about 70 percent), midsize SUVs (increase of roughly 35 percent) and compact SUVs (up about 6 percent) were the three segments showing higher volume compared to March.

As far as their resale values, mid-compacts were down $152, midsize SUVs dipped $105 and compact SUVs were off $121.

Interestingly enough, though, volume for full-size pickups dipped 20 percent, but their resale values were still down about $323 versus March.

"Both measures for the full-size pickup segment continued to soften since February," officials pointed out. "The midsize and minivan segments saw minimal (month-over-month) changes in volume.

"With overall volume up approximately 25 percent (month-over-month) and off-lease returns for some manufactures still set to peak, this will add further downward pressure on the resale market in the coming months," they concluded.