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SHORT HILLS, N.J. — Adjility Automotive recently rolled out a new software solution that it believes integrates several platforms such as Google Maps, GPS technologies and skip-tracing modules together into a single tool.

Company executives contend that RecoPro can increase efficiencies and margins for both recovery agents and their clients by streamlining processes and communication. Among some of the highlights were:

—Proprietary algorithm and rules engines presenting assignments to agencies having the best chance to repossess collateral.

—Skip-tracing module to manage the gathering and sharing of critical information, improving the chances of repossessing even with the most challenging of assignments.

—Seamless information exchange between recovery agencies and clients.

—Reduces the amount of paper required to support existing processes.

On the client side, Adjility Automotive explained that lenders can post assignments to recovery agencies through a single point via RecoPro. Company executives also emphasized how the solution can provide transparency for all open assignments as well as the chance to adjust approval and leeway thresholds.

Along the with the ability to use RecoPro from a desktop or laptop computer, Adjility Automotive also indicated that the tool is available for several mobile devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid.

Company officials also pointed out that if clients and recovery agencies aren't satisfied with RecoPro, they will give a full refund.

Clients and recovery agents can learn more about RecoPro at www.adjilityauto.com.