If a shopper who arrives at your dealership is on the hunt for an inexpensive used vehicle that can seat the whole family, here’s a selling point: Now might be the time to buy.

The CARFAX Used Car Index released last week shows family haulers like vans/minivans, pickup trucks and SUVs showed the largest month-over-month used-vehicle retail price drops in June.

Pre-owned van and minivan prices were down about $375 from May, pickup trucks fell approximately $320 month-over-month and SUVs were down $200, according to this CARFAX analysis.

“It’s summertime, and some families are prepping for a road trip while others may be thinking about what they’re going to be using to get to school in just a few weeks. For those families, there’s some good news,” CARFAX editor-in-chief Patrick Olsen wrote in the analysis.

“In June, the prices for vehicles best suited for families — SUVs, vans and minivans, and, yes, even pickup trucks — saw the biggest decline in month-over-month prices,” he said.

While luxury cars were also down $200 from May, other vehicle categories saw little (hybrids/EVs, down $40) to no change (cars) month-over-month.

Year-over-year, most of the segments in the CARFAX data set were down about 10%.

SUV prices dropped 10.3% from June 2023, pickups were off 10.9%, luxury SUVs fell 10.3%, vans fell 10% and hybrids/EVs dropped 9.8%.

There was a 6.7% decline in luxury car prices and an 8.1% decline in car prices, CARFAX said.

On the wholesale side of the used-vehicle market, the steady decline continued through the third week of the month.

According to Black Book’s Market Insights report, recapping the week ending June 22, overall wholesale prices were down 0.57%, compared to a 0.55% drop the week ending June 15.

Car segment prices fell 0.62% the week of June 22, versus a 0.58% slide the prior week. Truck/SUV prices were down  0.55%, compared to a 0.54% drop the week before, Black Book said.

Speaking of the family vehicles mentioned by CARFAX, some of those had big wholesale declines as well.

Subcompact luxury crossovers (down 1.26%) had the largest week-over-week decline of any segment, with compact vans next at 1.15%, Black Book said.

Compact crossover prices fell 0.94%, the third straight time their weekly decline has been over 0.90%, the company said.

Full-size vans (down 0.96%) also showed a notable decrease.