The most stolen vehicles in America are no longer trucks.

In part as a result of social media videos showing how to steal Kia and Hyundai vehicles, cars from those manufacturers have jumped to the top of the list of America’s most stolen vehicles, compiled annually by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Six of the top 10 theft targets in 2023 were Hyundai or Kia models, NICB’s latest report found, including the top three – the Hyundai Elantra, with 48,445 reported thefts, Hyundai Sonata (42,813) and Kia Optima (30,204).

NICB said that broke a “years-long trend” of pickups topping the list.

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 full-size pickup, which had been No. 1 in 2022, fell to fourth at 23,721 reported thefts, followed by the Kia Soul (21,001), Honda Accord (20,895), Honda Civic (19,858), Kia Forte (16,209), Ford F-150 series pickup (15,852) and Kia Sportage (15,749).

The rankings follow NICB’s trend analysis, released in April, that showed a record 1,020,729 total thefts reported in 2023, continuing a nationwide surge in vehicle thefts since the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020. That report showed California led all U.S. states with 208,668 reported thefts – more than 20% of the nation’s total.

NICB said more than 85 percent of passenger vehicles reported stolen were subsequently recovered by law enforcement or other means, with 34 percent recovered within a day of the vehicle being reported stolen and 45 percent recovered within two days.

“These rankings highlight the persistent threat of vehicle theft across the country,” NICB president and CEO David Glawe said. “NICB works with law enforcement agencies and industry partners to deploy advanced technologies and strategies to combat vehicle theft from organized criminal networks and individuals. Even as we work to deter crime, it is crucial for owners to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to protect their vehicles.”

NICB said it’s coordinating efforts by all auto manufacturers to identify vehicles frequently stolen in order to reduce vehicle theft, and is partnering with state and federal law enforcement agencies to disrupt criminal networks and help recover stolen vehicles for member companies.

It also participates in federal, state and local task forces, fusion centers and intelligence groups to deter vehicle theft and works strategically with lawmakers and regulators in all 50 states to boost efforts by insurers and law enforcement to fight insurance fraud crime trends.

NICB offered several recommendations to help prevent vehicle thefts:

  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Close and lock all windows and doors when you park.
  • Hide valuables out of sight, such as in the glove box or trunk.
  • Do not leave your keys in your vehicle.
  • Do not leave the area while your vehicle is running.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, call law enforcement and your insurer immediately. Reporting a vehicle as soon as possible after it is stolen increases the chance of recovery.