While automotive recalls in the second quarter of 2024 declined significantly from Q1, the total number of recalled vehicles for the year has soared past 14 million, according to the latest quarterly recall report from recall management platform BizzyCar.

The report, which analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation, found the 115 recalls issued in Q2 affected more than 4.6 million units.

Added to the 206 recalls impacting 9.7 million units during Q1, that raised the total for this year to 14.4 million recalled vehicles, which BizzyCar said “underscores the scale of the issue and highlights the potential safety risks for millions of American vehicle owners.”

During Q2, Chrysler led all manufacturers with 14 recall campaigns, followed by Ford with 12 and Kia America with eight. Not surprisingly, those automakers also led in number of affected vehicles, with Ford reporting 1,380,879 vehicles — many of them, the report said, due to “persistent electrical system issues” — Chrysler at 1,261,023 and Kia at 468,876.

Ford also has the most vehicles affected by recalls for the full year, with 3,582,962 units, well ahead of Tesla’s 2,552,178 and Chrysler’s 2,224,398.

The system most cited as cause for as recall in Q2 was back over prevention, which affected 1.6 million potential vehicles, followed by electrical system problems (814,223) and power train issues (586,211). The reported noted seats, air bags and seat belts combined to produce more than 1 million recalls, “indicating a variety of potential safety hazards.”

The report also tracked what BizzyCar termed “significant vehicle recalls” that raise “ongoing concerns for driver safety and consumer protection.”

Among those cited were Kia’s critical “Park Outside Advisory” for 462,869 vehicles due to potential fire risks from overheating power seat motors, and “Do Not Drive” advisories from Kia and Mercedes-Benz, among others, for severe safety defects.

Other recalls called out as “noteworthy” were a recall of more than 1 million 2022-2024 Chrysler Pacifica and Voyager models due to rearview camera image display issues, Ford’s campaign addressing potential unexpected downshift issues in more than 550,000 2023-2024 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator models, and Volkswagen’s recall of more than 270,000 2022-2024 Audi Q5 models for front passenger airbag deployment issues.

“In a recent Bloomberg report, the number one reason consumers cited for not taking their vehicle in for potentially hazardous and even deadly recalls is a lack of convenience,” BizzyCar vice president of marketing Hunter Swift said. “This year alone, 12,837,245 vehicles have been affected by recalls that pose a crash risk or increase the risk of injury.

“As an industry we need to rise to this challenge and offer consumers convenient ways to bring in these recalled vehicles by providing easy scheduling options, mobile service and other ways to mitigate the convenience factor and keep them safe on the road.”