The used-car retail sales environment last month didn’t improve from May, but showed year-over-year growth in June, according to reports from industry observers.

According to the latest “State of the Dealer” report from ZeroSum, dealers moved 1.29 million used vehicles in June, which was steady with May, but up from 1.14 million in June 2023. The firm is projecting dealers will move 1.28 million used units in July.

Meanwhile, Cox Automotive said Tuesday that initial estimates (based on data from its vAuto business unit) indicate there was 3% year-over-year growth in dealers’ used-car sales in June, and a 5% month-over-month decrease.

Used-car retail listing prices fell 1% in the last four weeks, Cox said, while days’ supply of used vehicles ended June at 48, according to initial estimates. It ended May at 46 days and June 2023 at 49 days, Cox said.

ZeroSum said used-vehicle supply was at 1.91 million units in June, compared to 1.90 million in May and 1.68 million in June 2023.  The used-car turn rate was at 68% in June, compared to 66% in May and 68% in June 2023, ZeroSum said.

The turn rate has been either 66% or 68% in four of the six months of the year, the data shows.

Days-to-move has also been steady this year, hitting a range of 40-42 days in five of the six months this year. June (42 days to move) was up slightly from May (41) and more so from year-ago levels (35), according to ZeroSum.

Average used-car prices came in at $26,415 in June, consistent with the rest of the year, ZeroSum said. A year ago, average prices were at $30,100, but have largely moved downward since. ZeroSum notes that they “continue to be in the tight span that has been in place since the beginning of the year, though it is noted that those levels are well below the $30,000 mark that was seen a year ago.”

Offering an overall assessment of the used market, Jeff Englishmen, vice president of dealer success at ZeroSum, said in the report: “The stable scenario in the used market helps dealers plan their sales strategies. Dynamics in this sector remain competitive, indicating that pricing and marketing should continue to be a prominent focus in order to attract consumers and close deals.”