With Flick Fusion’s new live-streaming video communications application, dealership personnel can connect with vehicle shoppers and current customers, regardless of which operating platform the callers are on.

The application is called StreaMe, and Flick Fusion is offering auto dealerships a free, no-obligation 60-day trial for a limited time. The company said it is offering the application at a time when car shoppers aren’t visiting dealership showrooms.

Dealers using StreaMe can embed a click-to-call button anywhere on their website, including vehicle details pages.

Any member of a dealership’s team who is logged into the StreaMe app via a round-robin connection can answer the call.

The application then instantly can connect the customer to the team member in a one-way, live-streaming video call.

That allows the dealership employee to be seen and heard, while the customer can be heard but not seen.

If desired, the caller can remain anonymous. But the customer can also engage in a two-way video call.

StreaMe can also be integrated into Flick Fusion’s video email and video texting platform, called VidMail.

When video emails or video texts are sent to customers, the customer can click on the StreaMe button to initiate a live video call that is only directed to the salesperson who sent the video email or text.

“The StreaMe app makes it easy for salespeople to do real-time, virtual vehicle walkarounds,” Flick Fusion chief operating officer Tim James said in a news release.

James continued, “For car shoppers, StreaMe mimics the experience of standing right there with the salesperson on the lot, looking at the car.”

James added that use of live-streaming video communications has increased greatly since the COVID-19 stay at home recommendations. That means more consumers are getting comfortable with live-streaming video as a form of daily communication, James said.

Flick Fusion also said VidMail is a strong tool for the service department.

The company said VidMail eases service advisors’ task of videoing a multi-point inspection and sending it to the customer with recommended repairs.

If the customer is still hesitant, he or she can initiate the integrated StreaMe live video call to talk to the mechanic and see the needed repairs first-hand.

“There is no better way to increase recommended services acceptance rates while building a higher level of customer trust than ever before,” Flick Fusion said.  

The company describes StreaMe as a multi-platform application that can be used on mobile and desktop devices.

StreaMe enables cross-platform “one-click” video calls with no customer-facing apps or log-in requirements. The shopper, lead, or customer simply clicks the Video Call button to use StreaMe, and that is the case regardless of which device they are using.

Because all StreaMe communications can be captured and stored, Flick Fusion said that eliminates any “he said, she said” scenarios. That also provides sales and training managers with access to every video call exchange.

A short demo of StreaMe is available.