Auction Edge refers to its EDGE Spark technology as “groundbreaking.”

Now it has a patent to back that up.

The company has been granted a U.S. patent for the method used by EDGE Spark to link and integrate legacy systems with modern apps and interfaces, allowing Spark to serve as a bridge that creates easier, seamless lookup and data retrieval experiences across graphical user interfaces.

Auction Edge said the method fills a need for the many businesses that rely on older systems to hold vital data, critical business logic and proprietary intelligence. Those systems are often difficult to navigate due to their outdated interfaces, which presents challenges and limitations to scalability.

Spark’s patented approach simplifies those issues by acting as a “super translator,” converting user-friendly input into a language legacy systems can understand.

That paves the way for a seamless, user-focused experience that was previously not possible.

When a user provides input through a modern, intuitive interface, the software breaks it down into pieces that can be interpreted by legacy systems. The pieces are then sent across all connected systems, prompting them to provide relevant data.

The software applies defined rules to the returned data, filtering and organizing the results to present only the most relevant information.

The method reduces the need for users to understand and interact with the complex workings of outdated systems, which saves time and resources. With the protocol in place, dealers can get information using common language requests such as, “I want to see all red cars available in Texas under $20,000.”

Auction Edge said the patent reflects the collective effort of its team and said it “facilitates the modernization of auction operations, the improvement of vehicle sourcing and the enhancement of the buying experience for customers,” as well as being “vital for the success of contemporary auctions, strengthening their role in the remarketing ecosystem.”

EDGE Spark is designed to modernize the user experience by allowing customers full access to their business ecosystem anytime and anywhere through a modern user-friendly interface. It brings all auction data together in one place, making real-time analytics insights accessible from any device to capture the information users need to make informed decisions on the fly.

“Auction Edge remains committed to pioneering innovative solutions that empower users to overcome technological barriers,” said Julie Warpool, Auction Edge’s senior vice president of auction systems, in a news release. “With this newly patented software method, we are excited to offer organizations and individuals a transformative solution to streamline their interactions with legacy systems, unlocking the full potential of aging infrastructures.”

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