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ATLANTA — Auto Auction Services Corp. announced late last week it has appointed a new director of customer service, and filling that role is Joe Miller, who has been with AASC since September.

Before joining the company, Miller worked in management and marketing roles for Gartner Inc., The Hackett Group and Bearing Point Inc.

"Client support has grown substantially over the past few years with more than 28,000 licensed users accessing AutoIMS to manage remarketing inventory," stated Don Meadows, president and chief executive officer of AASC.

"AASC looked for someone with a background in data analytics to incorporate client feedback with data mining to push system improvements," he continued. "We've found that person in Joe Miller."

When he joined AASC in September, Miller headed up a research project dealing with the repossession industry. This included survey and focus group execution.

Officials said the results led to system changes that can be fruitful for all recovery application stakeholders.

"Our customer service team holds the keys to the castle and serves as the frontline to our client base," Miller stated. "They know the system and our clients inside and out, and can translate issues into actionable recommendations for the next generation of AutoIMS."