Software and communications company AutoAlert says it is extending its relationship with Ford, releasing enhancements to its Ford National Program.

The enhancements include the addition of two new tools that it says work toward built-in employee and customer engagement. Those tools are known as GeoAlert and AutoAssistant.

AutoAlert said the enhancements were based on feedback from U.S. Ford and Lincoln partners.

The company described the program as now featuring more flexibility and transparency, allowing dealers to customize their own unique business solution.

“The industry is going through a lot of changes, and we have our finger on the pulse thanks to our strong dealer relationships and our unique relationship with Ford,” AutoAlert chief executive officer Mike Dullea said. “As the Ford program continues to grow, we are able to give participating dealers even more solutions not available anywhere else.”

More than 1,200 Ford and Lincoln dealerships are currently participating in the program.

AutoAlert said the AutoAlert Ford National Program provides predictive incentive management. It provides that by integrating the dealer’s DMS, Ford’s Smart VINCENT system, Ford Credit pre-approval, and AutoAlert’s patented data analytics, helping to identify customers who AutoAlert says can trade “key to key.”

AutoAlert's "Push" and "Stack" incentives are also exclusive to the program. Those incentives give dealerships additional unique, personalized offers for their customers, the company said. AutoAlert says its customer and employee engagement tool brings incremental sales, shortens the trade cycle, and improves dealer loyalty.

“Dealerships are telling us that they need a partner who can help them meet the challenges of today while also helping them prepare for the future,” said AutoAlert global vice president of sales and marketing, Don Favero. “We are always looking for better ways to do just that, which this enhancement reflects.”