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DETROIT and IRVINE, Calif. — Autobytel and Autodata Solutions recently revealed a partnership that links the vehicle listing site with additional content to boost value.

Now Autobytel's family of Web sites will have access to Autodata Solutions' professional still image vehicle photography and comprehensive data for U.S. vehicles. The collection contains an average of 17 interior and exterior photos per model. It also includes pictures of each unit in every available color.

Executives also pointed out that the agreement includes Autodata Solutions' pricing, incentive, specification and configuration data. They indicated that all of that content is updated daily. They stressed how it's meant to further increase the dependability and timeliness of the vehicle information available on Autobytel's Web sites, including Autobytel.com, Autoweb.com, AutoSite.com, Car.com, CarSmart.com, CarTV.com and MyRide.com.

"We have been serving online automotive consumers for 15 years and, in that time, one thing has never changed: their desire for the industry's most accurate, timely and comprehensive vehicle data and content presented in the most user-friendly format," explained Autobytel's chief operating officer Mark Garms.

"The addition of Autodata Solutions' images and data — which we believe to be the best in the industry — to our stable of world class Web content is critical as we continue to reshape our Web sites to provide in-market car-buyers with the information they demand to fulfill their vehicle purchases," Garms added.

Furthermore, Autodata Solutions noted that the agreement with Autobytel comes soon after the company reached partnerships with other industry content providers. Those other arrangements were with Edmunds.com and Kelley Blue Book.

"We're pleased to increase Autobytel's access to proven resources that make it easier for online consumers to build an emotional connection with vehicles they are researching and that, ultimately, encourage the purchase process," explained Michael Benavides, director of business development at Autodata Solutions.

"Autobytel is committed to generating quality Web site traffic and high-level performance for its advertising and leads partners. We believe our data and content will play an integral part in helping Autobytel reach this goal," Benavides concluded.