Potential buyers sometimes can quickly sour on a vehicle in your inventory if it has an unresolved recall.

To help used-car managers track recalls, AutoMap has integrated AutoAp’s comprehensive safety recall management technology into its solution, helping dealers reduce safety recall liability and increase warranty reimbursement revenue in addition to their automated vehicle electronic-tagging, location and flooring audit services.

While obtaining vehicle location status is designed to be simple with AutoMap, chief executive officer Mark Sargeant acknowledged that gaining insight to safety recall status has been time-consuming and error-prone. That’s why AutoMap leveraged its relationship with AutoAp.

“After reviewing potential sources of safety recall information, we found that AutoAp provides the highest-quality safety recall information available in the industry,” Sargeant said in a news release.

“AutoMap selected AutoAp based on our strict requirements and standards to provide dealerships the most accurate and timely safety recall technology available,” he continued.

Under license from AutoAp, AutoMap’s solution can provide dealerships an accurate and on-demand way to know the safety recall status of vehicles in their inventory. Dealers can check vehicles from within AutoMap to learn their safety recall status.

As a result, dealers can make even better vehicle purchasing decisions by knowing the accurate safety recall status of vehicles and get them repaired sooner.

Safety recalls are being issued in record numbers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). As a result of these historically-high numbers, AutoMap pointed out franchised dealers have increased liability risk as vehicle safety recalls have gained significant media attention.

Although manufacturers and their suppliers are the source of vehicle defects, AutoMap stressed that dealers are being held liable for selling vehicles with open safety recalls, which may be one of the most significant legal exposures that a dealership has today.

“Dealers can find safety recalls earlier, which helps increase compliance, make their process more efficient and increases profitability,” Sargeant said. “We are pleased to have partnered with AutoAp. their CEO literally wrote the book on this topic.”

AutoAp cautioned that dealers who use SaferCar.gov to verify the safety recall status of off-brand vehicles can put themselves at risk from missed recalls “false negatives” from NHTSA’s site.

AutoAp also stressed that vehicle history reports can sometimes have errors, and timing delays from the OEMs and NHTSA, with often-inconsistent recall status, can further increase dealers’ liability and reduces consumer safety.

“Dealerships find it difficult to stay on top of safety recalls, due to the size and complexity of the problem. Worse, they think they’re ‘covered’ with current systems,” AutoAp chief executive officer Mark Paul said in the news release.

“Our proprietary processes generate the most-accurate, multi-sourced safety recall status available anywhere,” Paul continued. “We are excited to partner with AutoMap so that we can reach more dealers even faster to help address this significant problem”

AutoAp’s safety recall management technology can also be purchased as standalone dealer solutions to generate revenue and decrease liability for vehicle acquisition as well as for sold-customer recall service or as integrated into third-party dealer service providers like AutoMap. 

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