Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced Monday that Bluebird Auto Rental Systems has completed integration with Auto/Mate's dealership management system.

Customers that use Bluebird Auto Rental's LoanerTrack for their service loaner fleets will benefit from increased efficiencies in the service department, Auto/Mate said.

"Having a loaner car system that integrates with our Service Merchandising module eliminates time and redundancies involved with having vehicle data and customer history in two separate systems," Auto/Mate president and chief executive officer Mike Esposito said in a news release.

Auto/Mate’s Open/Mate integration program ensures that all data exchanged between its DMS and third-party software systems is delivered both instantly and securely, the company said.

"Auto/Mate's open Application Programming Interface made it easy and inexpensive to integrate our system with their dealership management system," said Angela Margolit, president of Bluebird Auto Rental Systems. "Our customers who use Auto/Mate's DMS can now access LoanerTrack from within the Service Merchandising module, streamlining the loaner car process and creating associated revenue opportunities."

LoanerTrack is designed to speed up the check-in and check-out process of loaner cars by making it easy to track which cars are out on loan.

In addition to any assigned reservations in the future, the solution’s graphical Reservation Planner also allows users to view how many vehicles are on rent and when they are due back.