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CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — Executives from Auto/Mate Dealership Systems highlighted on Tuesday they completed two crucial integration points intended to help several dealership departments at Mazda franchise stores.

The integration connects their Automotive Management Productivity Suite and Mazda North American Operations dealership communication system.

The first advancement involved the Mazda Vehicle Invoice Integration, a function the company said can enables franchise dealers to import all vehicle invoices directly from Mazda into Auto/Mate.

Officials explained the process can be completed by adding a stock number and dealer specific entries before sending directly to the store's accounting department.

Auto/Mate listed other elements it believes this enhancement can do to boost the Mazda Vehicle Download Integration:

—Mazda can provide Auto/Mate with a feed of all the vehicle invoices for a particular dealership on a daily basis.

—The integration can eliminate the need for manual and double entry of data in multiple fields, lessening the room for human error because the process is now automated.

—Each invoice can be viewed as a report.

—The system can provide an import log of all vehicles delivered by Mazda to the dealership.

The other enhancement was associated with Auto/Mate's Mazda Service Campaign/Recall Integration.

Officials highlighted that this solution can allow franchise dealers to obtain any open campaigns or recalls from Mazda on a specific vehicle. They pointed out dealership personnel can make this check when opening or modifying a repair order and complete any necessary additions.

Auto/Mate insisted that franchise dealers who participated in trial runs of the integrations had exemplary results.

"The new Mazda integration from Auto/Mate is great," stated Deb Judd, inventory manager at Polar Chevrolet Mazda in White Bear Lake, Minn., which is north of Minneapolis.

"They have made putting inventory into the Auto/Mate system so simple and easy; it has sped up the process so much and left me time for other tasks," Judd continued. "The information going into Auto/Mate from Mazda is so complete and accurate. That is the slickest thing I have seen from a DMS ever. It works like a champ."

Mike Esposito, chief executive officer and president of Auto/Mate, also emphasized how the integrations are meant to benefit Mazda dealers.

"We all know the old adage that time is money," Esposito interjected.

"Improved efficiency is ever more important in today's economy and we are delighted by how well this new integration has worked for our Mazda dealers," he concluded.