automotiveMastermind, part of S&P Global Mobility and a provider of data and technology, announced “significant enhancements” to its proprietary Mastermind technology.

The company has added EV Behavior Driver, Service Portfolio and Service Portfolio Insights to Mastermind, which is designed to harness the power of predictive analytics to anticipate customer preferences, enabling dealers to “redefine automotive retail sales” by blending data and intelligence with personalized insights.

In a news release, automotiveMastermind said the new features will help dealers understand which customers are most likely to buy an electric vehicle and improve their service-to-sales process by giving them an in-depth view of their service drive.

“In the year ahead, finding ways to maximize sales opportunities through the service drive and knowing how to effectively sell electric vehicles to the right customers are going to be two huge areas of growth and opportunity for dealers,” chief product officer Aaron Baldwin said.

“Our new EV and Service Portfolio Mastermind enhancements will help dealers draw success from those areas by providing them with the insights they need to offer the right opportunity to the right buyer, improving sales effectiveness, enhancing customer experiences and increasing overall profitability.”

The EV Behavior Driver is designed to give dealers insight into who is likely to purchase an EV and the factors motivating them to do so.

The company said Mastermind can now score potential customers through multiple data points on how likely they are to buy an EV and provide dealers with personalized talking points for those who might be interested in one, which can help dealers confidently discuss EVs with customers to move that inventory off their lot.

Mastermind’s service-to-sales enhancements are designed to give dealers access to new views in their service drive and complement existing automated service-to-sales features with new visualizations so they can take a proactive approach to selling from the drive.

Service Portfolio is a command center that provides a comprehensive view of dealers’ service drives to find more service-to-sales opportunities. It includes “in-depth service and customer information” in a centralized location so dealers can identify, segment and prioritize service-to-sales leads.

Dealers can view upcoming and same-day appointments as well as recently serviced customers to help them track individuals through their service experience, and combines that data with Mastermind’s Behavior Prediction Score to help dealers prioritize the most important opportunities.

Service Portfolio Insights is a business intelligence report of dealers’ service drives designed to help them better understand their service drive, identify trends and make decisions to improve sales performance from the drive.