Automotive subscription company Autonomy has joined with financial services firm Deloitte in a strategic agreement to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by making them more accessible and affordable.

In a joint news release, the companies said the collaboration expands Deloitte’s service offerings for clients seeking to bring mobility subscription models to market in less time, while Autonomy’s scalable technology platform provides flexible alternatives to consumers outside of traditional loans or leases and can be effectively integrated into a company’s existing offerings.

A recent Deloitte report focused on the future of auto mobility identified high prices and the need for economically inclusive solutions as barriers to EV adoption.

“Electric vehicles are a key enabler of a future of sustainable mobility, yet they are not accessible to many,” Deloitte Consulting managing director and U.S. automotive technology practice leader Rodolfo Dominguez said in the news release. “This agreement with Autonomy can help businesses adopt and integrate fully digitized, scalable and sustainable mobility solutions.”

The Deloitte report also found customer demand is changing toward flexible and usage-based products, with half of the consumers surveyed saying they want the convenience that comes with consolidating monthly mobility-related payments.

The agreement between Deloitte and Autonomy, the companies said, can help provide an innovative alternative to ownership with a subscription-based service.

“Our goal is to erase the carbon tire tracks of yesterday while charting a sustainable path forward,” Autonomy founder and CEO Scott Painter said. “Subscription is a testament to our collective commitment to weaving convenience, affordability and environmental responsibility into the fabric of mobility.”

Deloitte’s Future of Automotive Mobility to 2035 study can be downloaded here, and its Evolving Beyond Car Ownership report is available here.