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DALLAS — AutoRevo, a provider of dealer Web sites and ondemand software, recently launched the integration of Black Book Guide for AutoRevo Mobile.

The application can help dealers manage their inventory via their iPhone. Officials explained that AutoRevo Mobile with Black Book values can allow dealers to complete several tasks, including:

—View wholesale and retail Black Book values.

—Run Carfax Vehicle History Reports.

—Decode vehicles through the VIN and Chrome data.

—Take high quality photos and videos and upload immediately.

—Have vehicles posted online in minutes.

—Update inventory and prices.

—Respond to leads with displayed a phone number or e-mail address.

—Create auction pick lists.

—Record run and lane numbers for specific inventory.

"I have never been more excited about a product release than I am for this one," stressed Chad Polk, chief executive officer of AutoRevo.

"We have brought something to market that will revolutionize how dealers acquire cars and put them on the Internet. It's so simple — give dealers all the tools they need at the time of acquisition, whether it's an auction or a trade-in, and allow them to have that car advertised in minutes," Polk continued.

Black Book president Tom Cross emphasized that getting his company's data to dealers through a mobile platform is vital nowadays.

"Today's dealers require accurate information, delivered in a more timely fashion than ever before," Cross pointed out.

"Integrating Black Book values with the latest in hand-held technology is a positive step in meeting that need," Cross added.

Polk went on to highlight further how AutoRevo Mobile's integration with Black Book can aid dealers.

"When we started thinking time-to-market, we simply gravitated to mobile," Polk recounted.

"It just makes so much sense for our clients to have AutoRevo in the palm of their hand and to get those cars online at the point of acquisition," he continued. "No additional devices, no leased equipment, no proprietary hardware, no paper books — just the AutoRevo Mobile app on the iPhone they already have in their pocket."