Autosled is now delivering to consumers.

The vehicle logistics technology provider has launched Autosled Direct, a direct-to-customer vehicle transport service.

The service, an extension of Autosled’s existing B2B vehicle shipment service, is initially available to retail auto dealers who no longer wish to be involved in the transport logistics processes of their customers.

The company said in a news release it will later be offered to the general public.

“In an era in which online convenience is growing more pertinent, consumers continue to buy vehicles from farther away,” Autosled co-founder and chief revenue officer David Sperau said. “That’s why we’ve taken our dealer-facing platform and created a more streamlined, transparent way for anyone to ship a car.

“Our Autosled Direct program is perfect for retail automotive dealerships that want fast shipping and exceptional customer service, without the hassle of managing logistics details. Our tech keeps customers updated, while our support team is available to help consumers with each move.”

Autosled Direct is designed to enable retail dealerships nationwide to turn over their customers’ individual vehicle transport requests to an expedited carrier with 24/7 dealer support.

Autosled noted the company was created by former third-generation dealers as an answer to their own vehicle logistics problems, with no subscription fees or monthly contracts for dealers or consumers, a network of more than 11,000 transporters and its own $5 million umbrella insurance policy.