Vehicle logistics technology provider Autosled has promoted Bart Schuster to senior vice president of OEM and government relations.

Schuster, a veteran of 27 years in the auto industry who previously served as Autosled’s vice president of sales, will continue to manage the company’s sales division and OEM partnerships, as well as growing the government services division.

“Bart’s industry experience and understanding of OEM requirements have been instrumental in facilitating our expansion into the OEM logistics sector,” Autosled co-founder and chief revenue officer David Sperau said. “The logistical challenges within retail automotive are multifaceted, complex and require a high level of focus. Bart’s drive, determination and familiarity with the nuances involved are setting the stage for Autosled to make a really positive impact going forward.”

Before joining Autosled in 2021, Schuster worked for OEMs, roles in sales, market development, logistics and regional management, and retail automotive, including running dealerships.

Kathy Bray, director of business ventures for Summit Automotive Partners, said Schuster “has been a strong addition to servicing the logistics needs we have. He and Autosled have done a great job in aiding us with our vast geographic footprint, and do so with exemplary customer service. I look forward to his help as dynamic needs arise.”