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ATLANTA — Officials from AutoTrader.com recently learned that Feb. 15 marked a new all-time record day for site traffic. They indicated that 986,052 unique visitors reviewed dealer listings and other information that day.

Site executives attributed the record traffic count to three reasons — a resurging market, a jump in new-vehicle shopping activity and strong marketing.

AutoTrader.com officials reiterated that they routinely surpassed 15 million unique monthly visitors throughout 2009. This past month, AutoTrader.com had 15.98 million unique visitors, a record for a January.

Executives went on to point out that January's results and the one-day record of 986,052 unique visitors set on Feb. 15 indicate the company could continue to see record results during 2010.

"AutoTrader.com has built a brand that people know as the best online destination for car shopping," contended Chip Perry, president and chief executive officer of AutoTrader.com.

"Even during this recession and through the challenges the auto industry has faced, AutoTrader.com has continued to grow our traffic as more and more consumers go online to do their research, compare models, prices and specials and find dealers," Perry continued.

"With the economy picking up, renewed optimism among automakers and dealers and the increasingly evident auto industry recovery, we expect to continue growing our influence and our site traffic even more," he added.

While used-vehicle listings continue to be the backbone of AutoTrader.com content, site officials emphasized the interest in new units is trending higher, too.

"The company's growing influence in new-car shopping is likely to continue to pay dividends as well," site officials

"Long known as a used-car shopping site, AutoTrader.com has launched major marketing campaigns aimed at new-car shoppers and has built functionality and tools on the site that makes AutoTrader.com a powerful destination for new-car shoppers to research and compare models, find prices and specials and find a dealer to buy from," they highlighted.

"Today, about 30 percent of shoppers on AutoTrader.com are shopping for only new cars," they also pointed out.

To reel in both those new- and used-vehicle shoppers, site officials recapped several high-profile marketing activities that exposed the brand to millions of consumers. During January and February, those strategies included:

—Advertising spots, television billboards, courtside signage and entitlement of the "NBA Tip Off Show on TNT" during NBA All Star 2010 broadcasts from Dallas Feb. 12 through 14.

—Exhibits at several top auto shows in January and February, including shows in Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

—Advertising during the NFC Championship Games, reaching more than 99 million consumers.

—The launch of media partnerships with the San Diego Union Tribune, the Los Angeles Newspaper Group and other media outlets through which AutoTrader.com powers these news organizations online vehicle classified sections.

"With millions of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles listed for sale and more than 15 million unique monthly visitors, AutoTrader.com continues to be positioned as a leading place for car buyers and sellers to connect online," Perry concluded.